Thursday, May 26, 2016

New Sizzix Dies #3- Darts!

And lastly, DARTS! My Third new Sizzix Die!  I can cut up to 8 layers of fabrics at a time on my Sizzix machines, then I have this great parts department of color to play with! This little quilt was so much fun to play with.  

You have two shapes to work with on this die, Use the shapes individually or mix them together! Below I used just he full parallelogram shape to make this 3D version of a 9 patch! Great Teen quilt.

My New Dies will be up on the Sizzix website in June.
For ease in finding them the link is above, or go to, Designers, Click my name, Victoria Findlay Wolfe Quilts.

The How to Videos are already up on my website, Video tab.

Also, My Youtube videos are back! It was easier for me to do them when I was home!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Sizzix Dies #2- Hex Star!

Hex Star!  I LOVE THIS DIE... Well, actually I love them all. I'm making several king size quilts for myself from these dies, and even another geese crossing version that I started today. It goes so quick with my Sizzix!!

Three machines sizes. (Think, Small, Medium and Large) 
Big Shot, ( the small machines, take the 6" dies... 
Big Shot Plus, ( medium machine) uses The small 6" dies,AND the 9" dies... 
Big Shot Plus,(the LARGE) can use ALL the dies, 6", 9", and 12" dies... 
These sizes are the WIDTH that can go through the machine.. It depends on how you want to use them... TO carry with you on retreats? Small one... 
Medium for more flexibility uses two die sizes, can still carry it with you... 
And last, the Big Shot PRO- A stay in one place machine, I'll do a video soon on them.

Above on the left is the BIG SHOT PLUS, all three dies shown above A 9" platform die,under my hand, and two 6" platforms dies beside that.

on my Right, is the Big Shot, (otherwise known as a fabi)
Uses only 6" platform dies... that 6" is what fits through the opening the machine.

All my Sizzix dies are available HERE.

OK, My HEX STAR die. You can use this die in a couple different ways, I like to design dies that give you a multitude of options!  Loving HEXIES? The star without the half rectangles, gives you just a nice big pieced hex. I have a video on making all the die shapes at my website.

This red and brown version is going to be king size. I already raided my friends stashes for more Reds and browns, as I depleted most of mine!  My bed.  Can't wait.  Must get busy!

But you can also square out the Hexagon to make it a block, like this one below! Isn't it so fun? I even fussy cut on my die!  Fabulous!

At the last minute I made up a small wall hanging, that I can hang in my kitchen... using my Yellow Leo Diamond print from Mostly Manor, for the background. Next I  dug out some favorite golds, and bright yellows to make this version. Using the half rectangle, finishes my hexes so they have a straight edge...

So much fun!

One more die to go!

All my Sizzix dies are available HERE.

Monday, May 23, 2016

New Sizzix Die #1 Geese Crossing

My THREE new Sizzix Dies! 
Here is what I presented at Spring Quilt Market this past weekend!
 It's been kind of crazy winter... and now I'm back under control! haha! The next few days I will be sharing with you some my new projects for Sizzix! Enjoy!
You can always visit my video website page to learn a few new tricks in your quilting adventures!

Got love a RED AND WHITE QUILT!  Playing with Positive and Negative space, this is the packaging pattern you will get when you purchase the die!

I'm still working this version!  Of course it will be King size! 
I used my FELIX brown print from Mostly Manor

Just using the geese part and HST of the die to quickly cut out this entire project in 20 minutes... WAHOO! I now have a great table runner on my dining table...

Adding in a little strip between the geese blocks, I made this spool quilt...

Add on some Manor Stripe for borders, and BOOM! ... a beautiful lap size quilt! 
 This is going to look amazing in my living room when I get it quilted...

These dies are now available to be ordered through your local quilt shop. 
You can request them to order if they do not carry them, 
 you can begin purchasing these dies in JUNE from

You can find my dies on under Designers!
Victoria Findlay Wolfe...

Sizzix also came out with at Market, an ADAPTER PAD so that you can use Accuquilt dies on their machines as well!  So one, machine, using both kinds of dies!  Sizzix is a 30+ year old company, doing die cuts for years back to your days in elementary school! All those precut shapes! I love a company with that many years of experience.  

Sizzix dies can not be used on standard Accuquilt machines, only the Studio.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Spring Quilt Market set up

So what is Spring Quilt Market? 
It's a question I often get. You see me posting and many others about it, so let me give you the scoop. 

This is the twice a year Quilt Industry trade show. It is not open to the public, but to quilt shops, designers, people who make products for this industry. 

So, I'm here to showcase my newest fabric line, Meadow Storm, and also Mostly Manor as they are both ring sold to quilt shops currently.  It's a good thing to request your quilt shops when you see a line you have heard of or seen, and they don't carry it.  

My other products: Sizzix!
I design for Sizzix and each market I come out with 3 new dies.   We do "Schoolhouse presentations" of all our new products so shops can decide what they are interested in. Super fast and fun 15 to 30 minute sessions of all exciting inspiring goodness! 

These are a couple shots of some of my new die projects! I just saw these shots this morning! 

And they put my work on th cover of their new catalog! How cool! 

So that is a quick update! 
I'm off to do my Sizzix schoolhouse! Wish me luck! 

(Can't wait to share this news below! ) 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

What's new!

It was a super busy week for me I. The studio! Being on the road so much means I work 20 times harder when I am home, to get caught up.  (Which actually, I really enjoy. ) Can you believe that?   

Why?  Because I get so many ideas in my head, that when I get home and in th studio, it's like opening the flood gates. All these ideas come pouring out and fabric flies. 

One quick event I did this past week was a trunk show of Mostly Manor quilts that I have made at The City Quilter, in NYC.

Above is my 8 pointed star quilt, made with my small diamond acrylic template found in my website shop. The template makes four different size blocks, and include your cutting measurements and block size in the template. It's my go to shape. One can never have enough diamonds and stars! 

Diamonds are a girls best friend, you know! 


I also shared my Family Album quilt. This uses my large and small diamond template. The pattern and templates are available in my website shop as well.  I will be making another one of these with my new fabric line "Meadow Storm," as soon as I have it in my grubby little hands. 

(I did just have some Friday, to make samples for quilt market! So fun!! Will be finishing two quilts before I fly to Salt Lake on Wednesday!) 

This quilt top is made using the small diamond acrylic template and my Stretch Hexagon and tumbler template set.  I have various versions of this patten and again, all of my acrylic templates are at my website shop. 

Very soon, this pattern will ge available also! But for now, I'm snuggling up under this one, and having a nap. Tomorrow will be another speedy quilting day.

Heading to Quilt market? 

You can find most of my products: 
Mostly Manor fabric and Meadow Storm fabric at:
Marcus booth #2231
*I'm doing a book signing at the Marcus booth 11:30, come by and say hi! 

My Sizzix Schoolhouse presentation is Thursday at 2:15
Or, swing by the Sizzix booth
Sizzix Booth: 711
* I'll be in the booth 2-6pm Friday only. 

For all four of my Aurifil thread sets:
Aurifil booth #901

For my two books, 15 Minutes of Play and Double Weddibg Rings: Traditions Made Modern visit:
C&T Publishing for my books: 2141

And for all my patterns and acrylic  templates, contact me! 

Now. About that nap... 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Saturday in May.

Today started by rolling out of bed, to make some yummy food for a surprise birthday party to be held after the NYC Metro Mod quilters meeting. I had not been in ages, so it was lovely to see all the lovely quilters and their inspiring works!  I sat and hand pieced my little boy britches blocks, ( from Linda's book Treasures from the barn)  as my "guilty little pleasure." By that I mean, "A project that has no deadline!" What a treat! My Hand dandy sewing case, which you can make, is available at my website shop should you need to decorate your own!  

I was meeting Helen at the meeting also, as she is the Birthday girl! Helen has claimed many in our group as her adopted "Quilt daughters"... So here is Lisa and I with our "Quilt Mom"

Here are all my blocks so far... All hand pieced... I usually only get time to do these while I am flying! So it will be awhile before I get these done!  If you were a student of mine in the DWR class in AQC, in Melbourne, these are the fabrics you shared with me! Your two fabrics, are making one block each.  I just love them! 

Beatrice made Helen an amazing birthday cake!  Here the candles have been extinguished! Happy Birthday HELEN!

Then I got all inspired, and I went to CUT some pretty Mostly Manor Fabrics. 
(purchase in my shop of request at your LQS)
I actually have a huge project I am SUPPOSED to be doing.. but....

This happened...
Using my Large Hexagon template, from the Large Hex and Triangle acrylic template set, that I sell in my website shop... I quickly cut out this KING size quilt...
Large Clear template, to see though, great for fussy cutting, and turning old blocks into amazing quilts. ( do you ISPY any made fabric in this quilt?)

Now, back to the big project I was to be working on... Happy Mothers Day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Home home home!

This past weekend, I drove to Virginia, (8 hour drive) to teach at the Virginia Consortium of Quilters!  200 ladies, all at the 4H camp in the Mountains.... Yes it was beautiful!  I taught my Florid Blooms quilt pattern, getting the quilter's used to curves, and I can say, that they all achieved success! I was quite impressed with the amount of work they got done in one day!  Way to go Ladies!

Not only did they get their quilts into shape, but I now have yet another Double Wedding Ring quilt! I was at 60ish a while back, then I quit counting. I think I'm near 65 now(!!) Every time I teach this class, I get another double wedding ring quilt.

Below you can see I finished my 4th Christmas quilt for this year... I dug through my scrap bins to fussy cut the fun fabrics to highlight in this version.  I took liberties with the 6.5" squares that fit the melons, to drop in some Drunkard path blocks to make those cool dots, and also the Saw Tooth Star in the center of the quilt!  I will go back in an appliqué some red dots, inside the big green dots, and I plan to piece an interesting border around it. I have not decided what yet... but probably something intense and small pieced... That seems to be were my head is these days...and in solids.

I also taught my 15 Minutes of Play class, and talk about being impressed!, Everyone was working fast and furious to have their items to show at Show & Tell on Sunday morning!  Many beautiful projects got started. I was inspired as well, and now have an idea to finish a very old project of mine, that is sitting in a box, in my storage bins!  So it was a WIN WIN for me!

So now that I'm home... I'm catching up on things on social media! It' see so much fun to see what you are all making with MOSTLY MANOR!  My friend Maureen, made this super adorable mini dresden. LOVE IT!!

And I am Finishing up the ALS quilt for the Quilters Dream Auction. These blocks were hand pieced at QuiltCon, by those of you who swung by to help me out!

Remember my posting about all the blocks being made?  Here, Shelly and I, and a few peeps, were sewing blocks together at Quiltcon. OK, maybe we just finished sewing... and we were gabbing away... ;-) any who!
The top is nearly finished! It will be up for auction sometime later this year. 

Can't wait to show you the finished quilt!

Have you gotten Mostly Manor to play with yet?

Hop on over to my website quick!

We ship everywhere!

Be sure to request your LQS (local quilt store) to order 
Mostly Manor (out now)

Meadow Storm coming in August to your LQS. Have them order it now!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Because I know you need to get inspired early, here is a sneak peek at what will be available at your Local Quilt Shop in August!

Please be sure to ask your LQS's to order the line! This way they know that you want it!
The line includes the Black and White MANOR STRIPE that was high in demand from Mostly Manor. I was saving it for this line! ;-) Sneaky of me, huh?

More colors are in the line, this is just a wee sneak peek....

Add it to your list of must haves for fall!

Marcus Fabrics has it up on their blog with some insights into the line.

DOn't forget if you need ANY mostly Manor fabrics, you can purchase at my website, 

Patterns, Templates Bundles, Oh my!

Mostly Manor available at my website.