Sunday, July 5, 2015

Simply Moderne!

SIMPLY MODERNE Quilts & Crafts, 

Great Wave of pure energy and modern style, tracking the latest tendencies in the quilting world and celebrating creative fresh new ideas by young designers from all over the world !

More than 12 projects
to make ...

THE NEW Magazine by QUILTMANIA Editions will be available early in July
(for the english version) !

Available at Barnes & Noble etc.
QUILTMANIA Editions BP25 - La Castillerie 44360 Saint Etienne de Montluc FRANCE
(0)2 40 86 86 86 /

I'm happy to share that I have a quilt and article in this NEW magazine!
I can not wait to see it in my hot little hands!
More inspiration!  YAY!

Here's a sneak peak at my quilt in the magazine, while it was still in progress.

This a fun shot to see, (shown in the magazine)  since that is the quilt I'm currently binding on this Texas trip!!
My Stretch Hex Hodge Podge quilt!   ( templates sold at my website store)
I'm hoping by the end of this trip I will have another quilt top together, as give tips and tricks on this in my classes!
 I get to sleep under it while I work on it... and it brightens up my hotel rooms! Bold, Bright, and zingy!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth of July!

Enjoy this day of Independence! 

Beatrice and I are now in Texas! 

Heading to Harlingen, Texas today, to the Frintera Quilt Guild.   I will be teaching and lecturing there, Sunday and Monday. 

Then We head to San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild after that! 

Having loads of fun! Enjoy your day!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Being on the road and missing my husband, means we have been taking a lot of pictures to send and text back to him. 

Sometimes they are very silly pictures...

                     Like my hat? 

Sometimes you get lucky, and get a couple very pretty shots. 

These are keepers. 

So far, New Orleans has been lovely! We are doing a food tour today. 

Mmmmmm. Beignets! Spice! 

...And will definitely include more silly photos. :-) 

and ( one more and) yes,
 I'm binding a quilt...  Always gotta quilt. 

Hope you have a lovely day! 

Monday, June 29, 2015

VA, TN, NC....

So beautiful!! The drive has been amazing. I won't mention how bummed I was that quilt shops are not open on Sunday's, and Monday's... So I have not spent much! :-) We drove from Nyc to Salem, VA on Saturday, then Sunday to Asheville, to see the Biltmore Mansion and to check out the town! Adorable. We also had a great meal at Rhubarb. Yummy.

Warning: there will be many lovely adjectives attached to this post... 

Beatrice and I decided to buy this place. It's our new house. Do you like it? 
33 of my close personal friends can come visit at once.. 
Haha! I think they could have great sewing retreats at the Biltmore Mansion. 

Ok. Maybe not. 

We drove through the Smoky Mountains on the way from Asheville to Cattanooga. Amazing!! 

Gorgeous lake Ocoee... I wanted to jump in, but I bet it's not very warm... 
Day lilies outside Asheville... Love that color!! 

By late Sunday we arrived at my friend Mary's loft. This is near her! The Chattanooga ChooChoo! Yes, we broke out in song when we saw it... 

Mary is a awesome quilter... Here's a coupe hanging in her home. One of my great pals I've made from following each others blogs from way back... 

While here, we called up bad ass quilter herself, Maddie and Flaun. We popped over to their shop and I did a bit of damage... And left with some BQS bling...  What did I buy? Jennifer Paganelli prints and... 

...a Sam Hunter pattern and fabrics to make this bag, requested by my one and only...

We also had some quilter peeps over to visit and I can tell you this is one fun bunch!! So nice to meet you all! Pictured: Margo,  Joan, Mary, me, Audrey, Vista, Melody, Kathy and Ann.
These ladies knew how to have fun! 

Thanks Mary for letting us stay with you! So nice to catch up!! It was so nice!! 

Next up, we drive to New Orleans Tuesday morning! 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Ready to Roll!

This past week I've been packing, organizing, enough product and quilts and supplies to travel to teach in Texas for one month!
I was pretty sure, that everything I needed to bring to Texas, was NOT going to fit in my car.

But never underestimate the seasoned traveler, spatial expert, 
who likes to put puzzles together!

Having grown up int eh days of Tetris, I can pack a car to fill every once of space...

 Sometimes you just need to put you head in the game...  
( I was actually laughing very hard, here) 

Not only did I get it all in EASILY, but,  I have a wee bit of space to fill it up at Quilt shops and Antique shops etc, on our journey!


Ready to hit the road very early Saturday Morning!

TEXAS, Here we come!!

Beatrice and I are all set to go. I am  hoping the rain will calm down a bit as we drive... I'd like to be abel to see the beautiful landscape!  
We are starting out trip to enjoy Chattanooga and New Orleans, then on the after the Houston Guild, my husband is joining us and we are driving to Marfa Texas, an Artsy town revived by artists... We've wanted to go for years, so we are taking that family time to see, AND it will be our Wedding Anniversary then as well, so it will be nice to all be together in Texas!  After that, Beatrice and I drive back to NY... But not sure yet on our route back... We may want to switch it up a bit.. We shall see!

This will be a lot of miles on my new car!  I'm so looking forward to it.. Time to get out of the studio and see the peeps...


In Other FUN news!
I was asked to extend my DWR Exhibit at the

 The exhibit which was going to end June 28th, is now ending AUGUST 3rd!!! 
So if you get a chance, please pop down to see IQSCM! The new wing is also open! More quilts! More inspiration! And my DWR babies will be happy to greet you!


If you are still pondering a quilt getaway weekend for this July–look no more!
NFA2015logo_800wideThe Quilt Alliance’s biennial educational and inspiration conference, Not Fade Away: Sharing  Stories in the Digital Age will be held on Friday, July 17 and Saturday, July 18, 2015 at the Floris United Methodist Church in Herndon, Virginia.
Come to this fun and inspirational conference to:
• Hear 2015 Keynote Speaker: Marin Hanson–“One Hundred Good Wishes Quilts: Commemorating and Documenting Adoptions from China”
• Learn how to self-publish a book about your own quilts
• Listen to curators and historians discuss how family trees can provide clues to quilt history
• Make creative quilt labels with quilt artists Leslie Tucker Jenison & Michele Muska
• Meet the people doing cutting-edge oral history projects on today’s quilters
• Hear about the history and future of the Quilt Barn Trails project
• Learn how to use the unique and deep resources of the Quilt Alliance to inspire your own work• See the 2015 Sacred Threads Exhibition – one-day admission is included in conference registration
• Join Quilt Alliance board members, conference presenters and other attendees for an optional Fundraising Dinner on Saturday night to honor outgoing Alliance president Meg Cox.
 Full details on Not Fade Away can be found on the Quilt Alliance website here.Tickets are available for the full conference, Friday only, Saturday only (full day or morning only) and even a Home Ticket option that gives you access to most conference sessions via videos distributed after the event. Quilt Alliance members receive a discount on tickets.
Not Fade Away attendees can also take advantage of this great Sacred Threads sponsored bus trips: Museum Bus Tour on Friday, July 17 (9:00 am – 5:00 pm).
Tickets: $75/person
Click here to register for these tours separately on the Sacred Threads ticket site.

Ticket Giveaway Details:
Three winners will be chosen at random to receive a pair of tickets* to attend Not Fade Away. Tickets do not include the Saturday night Fundraising Dinner.
Deadline to enter: Sunday, July 5 at 12:00 Midnight EDT. Names will be drawn on Monday, July 6, and the winners will be announced on the Quilt Alliance Facebook page by 5:00 pm EDT on that day.

Click here to enter the Not Fade Away Ticket Giveaway!

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Is Wednesday over yet? Wow what a yucky day! I updated my big iMac to Yosemite last night, woke in the morning and it wouldn't start up... !! Tried every thing, called Mac, reinstalled, no luck... Schlepped it to the Apple Store, (it was hot out and the computer is very heavy, which was shoved into my rolling Juki bag for my machine... Had to walk over lugging it there, no taxis, as it was at 5:30... Only for them to tell me they can't fix it and I have to take it elsewhere... Hot sweaty and exhausted. Blah. 


I had a very long list of things to do today, and I can tell you, none of them got done.  


I did get one thing done! 

Here's the pattern link: 

Picking out a cute, funky binding ala-Victoria-style, I sat on my bum and finished my bag.  

I had so much fun playing in my fabrics to design the bag parts! You can see I used a different selection of fabrics and patterns for each side of the bag. 

Once I finished it, I grabbed my purse and goodies I needed and put it to work for its first outing:
Grand Cebtral Station Apple Store today, and Tekserve in Chelsea tomorrow! 

Here's hoping it can get fixed.., hope no one else needs anything because... 
Well, clearly, 
No computing going on here. 

Here's hoping Thursday is a much better day. 

At least I have a beautiful bag for my trip! 


Ahhh, the silver QUILTED lining! 

QuiltCon registration!!!  Good luck!! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tick Tock!

I'm itching to get this bag done!!  I'm on the second panel and stitches are flying! 

With my trusty helper...

Yeah, right....

I'm also trying out posting from my iPhone! How fabulous that will be for the road trip!