Wednesday, November 15, 2017


TOOTH AND NAILS Pattern now available in the VFW Quilts Store and website!!
My New Batiks called "Parts Dept" are coming soon! 

Have you missed me?
I've been on brain overload over here... Sorry for the Non-blogging posting on my end!
 For the first time,  I had a retail booth at the Houston International Show! 
The preparation for the event, left me WORDLESS!! I had nothing to blog. 

I have vended at other events but nothing to that scale, plus with an insane travel schedule this fall, it was all a bit, WOOOAAAHH!

No other words for it...

But. I'm done traveling for the year!
I made it through Quilt Market,
and Quilt Festival!
We had an amazing time, and I'm glad we did it. 
Meeting so many of you was a highlight,
The fact that my new book Modern Quilt Magic, keeps selling out, Ain't so bad either!

This is one FUN, jammed packed book of goodness, and If you haven't gotten a copy yet, please order from shop, and store... I will sign it for you!
Dont' forget to pick up the curved braid and herringbone template, as you will want them, once you flip through this book...


In other news, It saddens me to say that my dear friend, Nancy Zieman passed away Tuesday.
This amazing lady has inspired many of us over the years, and I am grateful I had a chance to meet her, spend time with her, and work with her. (my NZ videos are on my website)  I can say she was the kindest, most sharing, and supportive person,  I knew.  For all she has gone through with various illness and cancer over the years, she always had a smiling face, and was always a fighter.

We talked earlier in the summer about ending her very long running show. Her goal was to work right up to the end, as it was the thing that she loved most of all, and she said, "Why would I stop doing the thing that I love?"  

Nancy continued to follow her joy, which I hope to do as well. 
...As long as it brings you joy, keep following that light.

Thank you Nancy for all you've shared of yourself.  
May you be at peace, Nancy.



Monday, October 23, 2017

Market and Festival!

Friday, Oct 27th Schoolhouse:
Two NEW Victoria Findlay Wolfe Sizzix dies)
3:10  room 371C  Sizzix 

5:30 pm Room 352E   CT pub

Saturday, 28th:

11am CT book signing Booth 1715- Tickets are already given out. Please see Marcus and Brewer for other book signings below, first come first serve!

2-6pm  Booth 722 Sizzix
Come see what's new with my Sizzix dies!  Crossroads and Diamond Sampler!

Sunday, 29th:
10:30am Herringbone and curves demo Aurifl Booth 900

1:30- 2  Modern Quilt Magic Book Signing and demos. Brewer Booth 734, 35.   ( get there early!) 

Monday, 30th:
11am Modern Quilt Magic Book Signing ( get there early!) Marcus Fabrics Booth 747,748

Wednesday Nov 1-5th
 Come see us at BOOTH 2335!! 
Right on the Main Aisle!
I will be demoing Herringbone and Curves, and DWR's in the booth all weekend, and at:

Friday 2-4pm
Herringbone and Curves!


SNEAK PEEK AT What is coming next?

Pre orders will be up on shortly!  Get ready!

See what's NEW!  Never miss a beat at the What's NEW tab at the website!
Or come in to the shop and we will show personally!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

What's new!

In all the Fall Quilt market  and Houston Quilt Festival hub-bub... 
Here at VFW Quilts, we are scrambling to finish some new projects!  YAY For New Projects!
Because you don't have enough do you? ;-)

Come by and see us!!!
NOV 1st - 5th, 2017

Here is my New Quilt "Scenic Overlook!"  It's a pattern available on the website, and as a kit! A fun quilt to make using a FQ bundle of Futurum Or any fabulous scraps and a pretty back ground fabric.  I wanted a quilt that was interesting to look at and really showed off the fabrics.  So the rectangles are doing just that.  Sometimes fabrics are just to pretty to cut up into tiny pieces!  Am I right?

The Scenic Overlook quilt is now hanging in the store, before I have pack up all the new stuff and take it to Houston!  We also have some new bundles added to the website:
Here is the new Black & White Bundle!  I know there are many of you "Black & White fabric" collectors out there!   When we vend we find out who you all are!  ;-)

Besides Black and white, POLKA DOTS are the next favorite bundle!  We've put the FQ bundle together of the Infinite dots from my Futurum Collection.  
I rcvd in the mail this week a copy of the Linda Pumphrey's new Book, Red & White Quilting!  What a treat!!  I recently have made a few several Red & White Quilts, so this sparked my ideas again to make yet another!  I found this Carpenter's Square quilt to be so gloriously over the top!  Isn't it lovely!! Sigh!!!  Red & white Quilt = Comfort Food...Classic and comforting! This all the right notes!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Arctic Circle Quilt in APQ!

I'm so thrilled! You know I love Holiday quilts!  
My New quilt Arctic Circle is in the Dec. issue of American Patchwork And Quilting, and it's made using my Victory Block templates, so if you already have them, YAY!
This is one of my Favorite template sets... I've made so many unique quilts with this pattern!
Like my Fade to Purple Pattern, and My Dancing Legs pattern!
We will be putting together Arctic Circle Kits if requested. 
Just email us at infovfwquilts at

Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine. ©2017 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fun Weekend in W

 I scooted off last weekend to the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts Where I was lecturing and teaching a two day class on True Herringbone Quilts, using partial seams, from my New Book Modern Quilt Magic.

It's such a great class to teach, as folks are so convinced they are difficult, and they find out that it really is like MAGIC when they sew together like a breeze! 

Here are a few pics from the class of 22 students from all over... Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois... I really appreciate them all coming the distance.

It's great having that size of class so we can learn from each other as we talk about design and color choices and tricks!

I've gotten a lot of very good feedback on the book, and MANY people have picked up the book and jumped in to try the class projects!  YES! The book is broken down, so that each new TRICK I am teaching you is achieved by learning it FRIST in a small scale project. The book is written just as I teach it, so be sure to READ, LOOK and MAKE!

Do you have your copy yet?
click here.

We have many new products in the store, including the Florid Blooms templates that have been so high in demand! ( for my giant DWR ) 
We have our booth assignment for Houston International Quilt Festival! Come to the booth and say hi!
Booth 2335 on the main aisle.

International Quilt Festival in Houston
Houston, Texas on Friday Sept. 8th

I happened to be in Houston the week after the storm very briefly on my way to California, and I'm here to tell you the International Quilt Festival will go on as planned at the George R. Brown Convention Center. All roads from the airports to hotels to the convention center are dry and Houston is open for business! The best way to support Houston right now is to come and enjoy Houston Hospitality and visit the International Quilt Show!
...AND! VFW Quilts will be at Festival with a booth!
Booth 2235 , so make sure you come by to see me! Information regarding the festival can be found here. Nov 1st - 5th, 2017 

December 6, Victory Block Class               ONE SPOT LEFT!!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

And it's up!

Ever wonder how a 30' quilt gets hung?
Here you go!

You may recall me showing you the quilt in Progress, "A Garden for All Seasons", which hung at Spring Paducah.... Video

      (many pics at instagram as well. you all follow me there right? victoriafindlaywolfe )

 Well It's gone to hang at it's new home!
Simplicity Creative Groups new offices...

Me and a few peeps, did a...One, Two and a Three, and up it went... All 28 lbs of it...

And that's how it's done! We used NoSeeUms quilt system,  to hang this beast.  Easy to hang!
I'm honored to have found this a quilt home at Simplicity.  Lucky for me that their 40' wall needed a quilt I happened to have. LOL Be sure to watch the video above for info about the quilt... Quilted By Shelly Pagliai who posted about it here.

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