Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Home from Festival of Quilts

What a fabulous time we all had in UK! We have just returned from the Festival of Quilts, where I had an exhibit of my Double Wedding Ring Quilts, and My NEW work from new Book, MODERN QUILT MAGIC. The exhibit spaces are gorgeous! All hard walls, white, clean and bright! It was a real treat having the quilts on display and to get so many people!

It was a very busy show, and it was really fun to see which quilts people were drawn too.   As quilters, we like to hang our work in Quilt shows so we have things to look at and get inspired by! So keep entering your quilts!!!  Or we wont' have quite shows to see the beautiful work!

Get your copy of MODERN QUILT MAGIC!! It is arriving soon!

Don't forget we now carry the Acrylic template set for the BRIGHT LIGHTS/ FLORID BLOOM template set!!!

and!  We will be having a booth at the Houston Quilt Festival this year!  As soon as I know the booth number, you will know!


Friday, July 28, 2017


Off to England!
Saturday, I am flying off to England for a few fun events! If you are planning on going to be at the Festival of Quilts, they are offering a discount right now to the show, which they posted on Instagram yesterday: Details are below

  • thefestivalofquilts-- If you want to come and view Victoria’s gallery at the show take advantage of our exclusive ticket discount and quote VICTORIA when booking online to get £2.50 off an adult ticket. Offer ends midnight on 9th August. #FOQ2017

If you head over to their Instagram page, and follow them, that would be great too. I was the guest "Instagram takeover" there a couple days, and I filled their pages with bunch of fun images... ;-)

I will be Lecturing and Exhibiting at the Show, My exhibit booth is TG6.  and I am giving lectures on Thursday and Friday! So please come by! It will be so much fun! New Work to share with you!


And!  I am also doing something new and Fun!  I will be on the  Hochanda Channel in the UK, (which is their Home shopping channel for Crafting supplies! How cool is that?) demoing my Sizzix dies and products!  If any of you in that area are able to tune in. I love sharing how I play with my dies.
August 2nd at 6pm and 8pm & August 3rd at 9am, 1pm and 5pm  (UK time) 
Anyone can see Hochanda if they go directly to their website and watch live on the site.

You can then watch on TV in the UK on the below channels:

SKY 663 (24/7) FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM) FREESAT 817 (24/7)


I am also teaching a THUNDER STRUCK class at the London Modern Quilt Guild, August 6th.  Two spots have become available... interested? Click here for info.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Magic numbers


Went to MN and WI to work and visit family.  ~ Check.
Had loads of fun. ~ Check.
Came home with a new puppy. ~ Check.

Wait what?
That was not the plan, but....
A serious of curious events lead us to being home this Mini Golden Doodle, whose we have named Agatha!  She will grow to about 25-35 lbs. and basically tower over our sweet Jenny Egg who is 13 pounds.

and... We found out she was born on May 29th which is Beatrice's birthday! Magic number! 
...Meant to be!

We picked her up last  Saturday which is two o amy dear friends Birthdays. So again, Magic numbers!

And we got home in time to celebrate today, my 18 Year Anniversary to my darling Hubby, Michael.  Time flies when your having fun!!!

I willow be unpacking and packing for the UK.... Swing by  the Festival of Quilts Instagram as I will be taking over their feed tomorrow and Wednesday with loads of photos of work from the new book, works I will be exhibiting, and new projects etc...Go follow there page!
Link below.  Be sure to follow me on FB and Instagram too!

We're very excited to be handing over our Instagram account to the lovely Victoria Findlay Wolfe for the next two days.
Join us from tomorrow on The Festival of Quilts Instagram page for a sneak peak into the gallery Victoria will be bringing to this year's show. 
See you there! http://bit.ly/FOQinsta

Monday, July 17, 2017

Midwestern girls.


We (Beatrice and I and 12 fabulous quilters) had a load of fun at Woodland Ridge Retreat center, in Menominee, WI! Five glorious days of cutting and throwing fabric around, making Double Wedding Ring Quilts!

If you visit my Instagram or Facebook Business page account, you will see many of the quilts in the works! Kind of tricky adding 12 images here...

I'm now on vacation for a few days, before driving up the Wisconsin Quilt Museum to see the IN Death Exhibit that I am a part of.  I hope to see some of you next year at the Woodland Ridge Retreat again, for DWR's!  The class is already full, but I will be back, I really did love this place. Great food, super comfortable, small class sizes! Watch the video about...


Now I'm back in Wabasha, visiting my aunt, mother, and cousins, and teaching Beatrice to be a good tom girl, like I was as a kid... bike riding, four wheelers, target practice, boating, taxidermy... the works... It's really nice to be hanging out here again...

One fun moment was meeting my Cousin's High school Art Teacher, who is, of course....
Annette, was so kind too let us in to her home, (one of favorite homes on the river since I was a little kid) What a joy to find out a quilter lives there, and that she enjoys travel and quilting as much as I do.  It was super nice to visit with her.

Busy days being lazy! I had to sneak off to take a nap, and well, now I'm ready for round two!
Mini golf?  Bike ride?  Ice cream?  Stitching at the eagles next coffee house?  

All of the above!


Pre-order Autographed copies of my NEW book Modern Quilt Magic here.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy Fourth of July!

Using my Wave Sizzix die, I made this cute flag quilt. Great for Stash Busting and clever quilts!

Packed and ready!

Beatrice and I are hitting the road! We are road tripping to Minnesota for quick visit to family, and then teaching in Wisconsin at the Woodland Ridge Retreat Center in Menominee. I can't wait! Double Wedding Ring Fun!  
 I look forward to being back in the midwest!

Friday, June 30, 2017

What's new!

I've had many emails recently looking for class spots for my double wedding ring classes. Many fill very quickly, But I've just updated my list to show where I have a few spots left for classes in 2018!  This list includes BRAND NEW CLASSES from my up coming NEW BOOK, MODERN QUILT MAGIC!  This is going to be fun people! Don't miss your opportunity to get in on these early classes! Have you pre-ordered your autographed copy at my website??

 Looking for a class? These spots are filling fast!

Upcoming classes!

Currently there are 3 new Class versions of quilts from my new book.

These are PARTIAL seam quilts, Super fun and not like anything you've pieced before.
They look complicated, but are quite fun to learn, and not hard, yet another patience builder! 

Once class I teach as a Herringbone technique pillow class.  Both of these locations will have this class.

The book is broken down into class projects, so that you learn the skill in a small manageable size. ( takes the FEAR out of learning something new!)  Once you have the skills you can then go on and build your large quilt without fear! This a appropriate for a 6 hour class.

Another class I am teaching at CRAFT NAPA is This Herringbone Quilt, "At the Crossroads of Modern & Grand"
( These are NOT braid quilts. )
The larger version of the pillow!

Those of you who think this is strip pieced or log cabined or braid quilt, Look again.


This quilt builds left and right, on the diagonal to make four giant blocks that make one quilt. based on the concept of the previous herringbone quilts, but taking is a step further...
See? This why you need 5 days to PLAY with me!! Learn these amazing Parlor tricks to make Seemingly difficult quilts when actually they are not hard to do, but, teaches you something NEW!!  Isn't that exciting??

MIND BENDING!!! So cool.

I'm super excited to share more images from the new book...The first time these quilts will be exhibited is at the Festival Of Quilts in the UK in August!! here's a sneak peek! So if you are at the show, Come to my booth exhibit TG6, and my lectures!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

New Sizzix dies in stock!

Varied Triangle die SIZZIX : Works on the BOG shot and Big Shot Plus and the Big Shot PRO machine

Hi everyone! It's been a crazy week, and then I got sick on the first day of summer! What is up with that?? I'm still coughing and droopy but hoping my head clears before I jump on a plane to Milwaukee Tuesday, for the day!  I'm heading over to the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Textiles for a meeting, and turning around and flying straight home in time to pick up my daughter from the airport! She has been in Colorado, taking care of wolves!  Yes, you heard that correct! A community service trip to care for wolves on wolf preserve...I think she has had a blast...If the photo tells me anything!

So while I am stuff here coughing away at home, MY new SIZZIX dies are now in the shop!  Totally Trees, Diamond Point, and Varied Triangle So grab them quick as I only have three of each of my dies...  BTW, I have all my dies in the website and in the store, if you come to visit, but note:

We are closed weekends for  JULY AND AUGUST
Monday - Thursday 10-1pm   and Friday 12-6pm

Totally Trees: Works on the Big Shot Plus and the Big Shot PRO machine

Diamond Point Sizzix die : Works on the Big Shot Plus and the Big Shot PRO machine

 Grab those dies! :-)  

In the meantime, I 'm going to take a nap, even if it's 5:05 pm.... achoo!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

VFW NYC Quilt retreat

 This week I am hosting my Annual VFW NYC Retreat here in my home, hosting 8 quilters from the US and Canada!  Day one is spent on cutting, designing, and all things inspiration!

Many folks come with a set idea, and then we tweak it as they go... we talk about color, placement, pushing what we first "see" into a new creative space.

We look for more ideas to change up the pattern, and see where else we can stretch ourselves.
It's always very exciting to watch people make there first cuts, wary, then, I turn around again, and a million pieces show up in the design wall.  

I love watching them work. It inspires me to see them make the connections.

I'm pleased to be hosting these lovely quite folk!
I'll share with you as there work changes and morphs!

 Someone is plum-tuckered-out in the scrap pile!!
Socializing is exhausting, She says...

If you are interested in my VFW NYC 3 day quilt retreat, I announce the class only in my newsletter, It  does fill very quickly... You can sign up for my newsletter here.

At the end of the day, My New "GARLAND" quilt,  (Double wedding Ring pattern, kit and templates)   now in the store, came back from Mandy Leins who quilted it.