Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Because I know you need to get inspired early, here is a sneak peek at what will be available at your Local Quilt Shop in August!

Please be sure to ask your LQS's to order the line! This way they know that you want it!
The line includes the Black and White MANOR STRIPE that was high in demand from Mostly Manor. I was saving it for this line! ;-) Sneaky of me, huh?

More colors are in the line, this is just a wee sneak peek....

Add it to your list of must haves for fall!

Marcus Fabrics has it up on their blog with some insights into the line.

DOn't forget if you need ANY mostly Manor fabrics, you can purchase at my website, 

Patterns, Templates Bundles, Oh my!

Mostly Manor available at my website.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Home again, Home again!


Flying home over NYC is always a treat... We landed Tuesday evening right at sunset over NYC! That's the George Washington Bridge down there, crossing the Hudson River.

I'm sure I have taken thousands of Sunset shots in my life... It's hard to get enough of them. Nature is so darn beautiful! Out beyond the planes is the NYC skyline. That never gets old either!

I hand pieced a bunch of "Little Boy Britches Blocks" From my fiend Linda Collins New Book, Treasures from the Barn. They are quilts from her collection, and the skittle block I just though would be so fun to make. I was ITCHING to sew after being gone from my sewing machines for so long, that I asked i fly Double wedding ring Students would share two contrasting fabrics with me, and I'd use them in a quilt, taking a little bit of each of them with me. Teaching in AU was so much fun.  I had lovely students, We sewed, danced, laughed, and they all made my trip very memorable.

Visit Linda's Blog for more details on her book, through Quiltmania.

Speaking of Quiltmania, Their Show is up now in Nantes, France...  Iw as seen a few pics of some VFW quilts that are hanging!

Star Power, (L) and Flowery Florid Blooms, (R) are hanging.  Both are mine and quilted by Shelly Pagliai


I'm so happy to be home, Tuesday night I slept all night like a log. 
It was wonderful to be home in my own bed.
But tonight, well, I've been up since 2:30am.  What better time to write blog posts, and catch up on the Outlander new series... haha!

Do you do traditional hand piecing? 
It's my favorite...

Leave me a comment, and say hi, I love hearing from you.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hello from AU!

I stopped by Sydney, on my way over to Melbourne for a few days to adjust to jet lag! I got to see a few friends... Isn't it wonderful that as a quilter, you can go anywhere and make friends with other quilters!

 Lorena (In green), was so wonderful to pick me up and give me a pillow to rest my weary head. She was on her way into Material Obsession to teach so I popped along.... She was teaching the wonderful Chuck Nohara quilt and everyone's blocks were looking amazing.

SO fun to see these gals! Wendy Williams, and Kathy Doughty, at Material Obsession. You may tell we had waaaay to much fun...

 Robyn happened to stop in with a quilt she is making using my Manor Stripes! LOVE IT!!!

 A wee nap, and some quilt love, and goofiness....

Got to enjoy a bit of the Sydney harbor views and beaches....  
It was a lovely way to acclimate to the time difference... Even though I am still falling asleep at 8:30pm and waking up at 3am.... By the time I get adjusted, it will be time go home!

It was great to be lazy, and enjoy Sydney for a few days. I feel I've been away for ages!!

And now, I'm in Melbourne!  Never been! So I'm happy to be walking around checking out this city! Looking forward to seeing many more Quilt Friends from this area, here a the Royal Exhibition Hall for AQC!

See SOME of you, very soon!

Monday, April 11, 2016


or fly, drive and train your body to QBL!

 I get asked to travel all over, but I can't get everywhere... sadly!  
Here's your chance!

I'm teaching at Quilting By the Lake this JULY, two awesome classes!  
A Big Class Favorite!  THREE DAY CLASS!
Bright Lights, Big City Quilt! 
See more info on the in my book Double WeddingRings, Traditions Made Modern

THREE DAYS OF FUN! Learn the skills you need to make a Double wedding ring, have fun, and emerge yourself with awesome quilters!
this quilt gets big fast!


TWO   DAYS   of   SCRAP   FUN!!!  
My Stretched Hex & Tumbler Class!

You can go home with this quilt, in two days! Come play with us, play in your scrap bins, talk about design, color, balance, and learn a few new quilting skills to up your quilting game!

Small classes means a lot of individual attention!  I love to teach here! 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hudson River Valley Workshops

Summer of Stars: Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Come sign up to PLAY!
Lemoyne Star Through Play

Nov. 30 - Dec. 4, 2016

Level: All Levels

3-Day Workshop

I'm super excited to be teaching this December at the Hudson River Valley Workshops! I have had many friends teach there, and many students, who always say, "Are you teaching there? It's LOVELY there!"

So I wanted to share with you a bit about the class I will be teaching... I did this class a couple years ago at QBL, and my Student's KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!

Lemoyne Star Through Play

We go over how I design quilts, what PLAY is, How I work, and I share many secrets to taking on Improv!   Below you can see samples of the students works, who in three days, produced, 1-3 quilt tops!  These are Fast, Fun, and with a few quick tips, your skills will Jump into next week!  So come play along! Keep your options open! Bring leftover blocks, and tons of fabrics to play with, and a  creative head space ready to play!

Barn Star, Victoria Findlay Wolfe

J Rock Star, Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Come sign up to PLAY!
Lemoyne Star Through Play

Friday, April 8, 2016

I'm off to AU!

And I'm off!
Australia here I come!  I have never been to Melbourne, so I am spy excited to come down under to teach lecture and exhibit a selection of my double wedding ring quilts at the Australian Quilt Convention! 
If you are in AU, you can grab a copy of Australian Patchwork & Quilting to see a mice article they did! Thanks So much!

See you in Melbourne!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Shelly (Prairiemoon quilts) and I are tickled pink! Mr.Switl E.Bones won for first place Machibe quilting the modern ways to MQX! 

Shelly and I had fun planning out the quilting, and she nailed it! We are very happy for "dembones" ❤️ 

A few moody ones.

I thought you might enjoy a few of the "moodier shots" from Antarctica... 
Nearly black and white photos...But that hint of blue! sigh!