Thursday, January 18, 2018

NYC classes!

I was recently teaching at CraftNapa, and I have to say, it was an amazing weekend. All of the students really pushed outside of the box on their designs. Each one coming up with different elements to try to "shake up" the traditional double wedding ring pattern... It was so much fun to have such an eager bunch!

I always love Red & Green Quilts... so when I spoke with her about hers, she already had a plan to use leftover blocks, and make holly leaves and a RED BOW out of her design! She was inspired by my two Christmas Double wedding Ring quilts, and I love that she saw that she could add a BOW to the design!

Contrast and finding elements within the design!  I love that we could ficus hers with eh dark pattern among busy prints, to have a new design element come forward. We also incorporated a bit of orange to get people to look around at different elements within her quilt.

There were so many great quilts. 22 in all, and you can see more at my Instagram account, to scroll through all the images.

I also taught the Herringbone Class, and again, so many variations that were very inspiring! Here's just a couple... This work is from my New Book, Modern Quilt Magic, If you get a chance to take this class with me, do it! It's so satisfying!!  ....and MAGICAL!!

Looking for some classes?  I am teaching in my home in February!

Star Storm Pattern available at my website and my NYC store:

Another class you should not miss is my 5 day Happy Wanderer Quilt classroom my book Modern Quilt Magic,  at Empty Spools Seminars, 
In Pacific Grove, CA (Asilomar Convention on the ocean!) 
I LOVE TEACHING HERE!! Having time, getting to know you, and getting a lot of work done on a great project in a beautiful setting...
Sign up here

I'll be heading to South Padre Islands next week to teach and lecture at the Guild show! One more trip of WARM weather for me! This winter has been to to cold for to long!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Parts Dept!!

A couple weeks back I chatted with the gals at The Stitch. You can see the video here!

I'm pretty excited to have my new line PARTS DEPT, modern Batiks in my Store!  The Tooth and Nail quilt is made using them, as is my new Star Storm quilt!. It maybe just what you need for Christmas... Ask Santa!  (we do have gift cards available as well!) Hints are good!

The awesome Star Storm in Batiks is a KIT as well! 
FQ bundles, 1/2 yard bundles etc... are all listed here.


The Star Storm pattern is pretty amazing... If you haven't made one yet... They go together very quickly by sewing strips together...I made this quilt top in two days for my 14 year old Godson... I quilted it this weekend, will bind and ship off by end of the day! 
He likes Purple, Black and White, and Bright Hawaiian prints... So I think this hit the bill!  He is a real outdoorsy kid, So I'm flattered that he wanted a new quilt... Considering the one he currently sleeps under I gave hime in 2008, I think it's time!  Agree?  LOL. I think I have indeed come a long way!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Classes & Retreat and Batiks!

Please make a note to follow the blog at
Eventually I am going to stop posting here...

Hello Quilters! RETREAT SIGN UP TIME!!  
Only a few spots left in my 

Info is here! 

And in case you missed it, FEB CLASSES have been posted!
Join in the FUN here.

My New Part Dept Batiks are now in the Store and website! Please hop over the Check them out!
You may find a last minute Christmas gift for, YOURSELF, or your Quilter Friend!  ;-)

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Don't miss this!

DEC 8-9 ( Friday and Saturday) 9am - 5pm
 40 East Meadow Road
Wilton, CT 06897

Jennifer Paganelli is moving having her final home decor sale and throwing in the contents of her house.. Many antiques and precious treasures will be for sale and she wants help to empty the house. Come see her final contributions and artistic flair to the New England area.  She is moving to Florida and can’t take it with her.. Her home is in the magazine below.. her drawings are now offered on fabric..

(Her home is amazing, filled with everything Jennifer Paganelli!! Don't miss this!!! It's a really treat to be in her home! I know! I've been and sad she's moving!) 

ALSO: Jennifer is doing everything within her power  to raise money for Puerto Rico and The USVI her homeland that was devastated by Irma and Maria. If you can’t make it consider a purchase of bracelets to benefit the islands. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Create Your Own Improv Quilts

Blog Tour Create Your Own Improv Quilts

Rayna Gillman has been an inspiration and friend for several years.  In fact, it was in one of her books I was first published.  She found me online, and we were drawn to 
each other's free form work, back in my early days of quilting!    This past Quilt market, we were in the same C&T publishing School House presentation of our NEW books!

Rayna's newest book encourages you even further to cut and play with abandon!  

(JUST A QUICK NOTE you all know I moved my blog to right?)

She says:

·    YOU can make a totally original modern quilt without a pattern. 
-  Start with a simple shape (square or rectangle) and discover infinite variations by asking yourself “what if?” and experimenting.
·    If your “what if?” doesn’t work out, it will give you an idea for something else.
·    You can’t make a mistake – follow your instincts and interpret the modern aesthetic your own way. 

I asked Rayna what her favorite part of the Quilting journey she loved best:  We are kind of the same this way! She says:

I'm a "process" person, so the best part of creating is playing, experimenting, and finally -- seeing how the colors, values, and shapes come together into a unified whole.

Ha - I do this because I can't NOT do it.  You might as well ask me to stop breathing!

How many of you relate to that? ;-)  I sure do.

So, be sure to follow along with the Blog tour, I will be giving away an EBOOK, contest  ending Dec 8th.

Want a chance to win a copy? 
 Leave a comment here  or at my website blog about what YOU love about the Quilting Journey!

Friday, November 10
C&T Blog

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Cindy Grisdela

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Teri Lucas, Generation Q Magazine

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Desiree Habicht
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Angie Wilson
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Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Thursday, November 30
Trisch Price

Tuesday, December 5
Melissa Shields

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Patty Altier

Thursday, November 23, 2017


Screen shot, print out, or email, and start leaving those subtle HINTS around your house... 😂👍🏻 one stop shopping for your friends and family! .

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


TOOTH AND NAILS Pattern now available in the VFW Quilts Store and website!!
My New Batiks called "Parts Dept" are coming soon! 

Have you missed me?
I've been on brain overload over here... Sorry for the Non-blogging posting on my end!
 For the first time,  I had a retail booth at the Houston International Show! 
The preparation for the event, left me WORDLESS!! I had nothing to blog. 

I have vended at other events but nothing to that scale, plus with an insane travel schedule this fall, it was all a bit, WOOOAAAHH!

No other words for it...

But. I'm done traveling for the year!
I made it through Quilt Market,
and Quilt Festival!
We had an amazing time, and I'm glad we did it. 
Meeting so many of you was a highlight,
The fact that my new book Modern Quilt Magic, keeps selling out, Ain't so bad either!

This is one FUN, jammed packed book of goodness, and If you haven't gotten a copy yet, please order from shop, and store... I will sign it for you!
Dont' forget to pick up the curved braid and herringbone template, as you will want them, once you flip through this book...


In other news, It saddens me to say that my dear friend, Nancy Zieman passed away Tuesday.
This amazing lady has inspired many of us over the years, and I am grateful I had a chance to meet her, spend time with her, and work with her. (my NZ videos are on my website)  I can say she was the kindest, most sharing, and supportive person,  I knew.  For all she has gone through with various illness and cancer over the years, she always had a smiling face, and was always a fighter.

We talked earlier in the summer about ending her very long running show. Her goal was to work right up to the end, as it was the thing that she loved most of all, and she said, "Why would I stop doing the thing that I love?"  

Nancy continued to follow her joy, which I hope to do as well. 
...As long as it brings you joy, keep following that light.

Thank you Nancy for all you've shared of yourself.  
May you be at peace, Nancy.



Monday, October 23, 2017

Market and Festival!

Friday, Oct 27th Schoolhouse:
Two NEW Victoria Findlay Wolfe Sizzix dies)
3:10  room 371C  Sizzix 

5:30 pm Room 352E   CT pub

Saturday, 28th:

11am CT book signing Booth 1715- Tickets are already given out. Please see Marcus and Brewer for other book signings below, first come first serve!

2-6pm  Booth 722 Sizzix
Come see what's new with my Sizzix dies!  Crossroads and Diamond Sampler!

Sunday, 29th:
10:30am Herringbone and curves demo Aurifl Booth 900

1:30- 2  Modern Quilt Magic Book Signing and demos. Brewer Booth 734, 35.   ( get there early!) 

Monday, 30th:
11am Modern Quilt Magic Book Signing ( get there early!) Marcus Fabrics Booth 747,748

Wednesday Nov 1-5th
 Come see us at BOOTH 2335!! 
Right on the Main Aisle!
I will be demoing Herringbone and Curves, and DWR's in the booth all weekend, and at:

Friday 2-4pm
Herringbone and Curves!


SNEAK PEEK AT What is coming next?

Pre orders will be up on shortly!  Get ready!

See what's NEW!  Never miss a beat at the What's NEW tab at the website!
Or come in to the shop and we will show personally!